31 Halloween Facts You Didn't Know About

Halloween is one of the biggest commercial holidays. Many of us recognize it has a candy, costume, scaring holiday. But Halloween is much more than that. Here at MontrealSourit we have compile 31 facts about Halloween you didn’t know.

31 facts about Halloween

  1. Halloween is one of the oldest holiday still celebrated today.

    Halloween is actually older than Christmas, some believe up to 4000 years or so older than Christmas.

  1. Halloween originated from the Celtic festival of  Samhain.

    This was a to make the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter. In other words, it was associated with life and death. It was believed the veil between world of the living and the dead become so thin, the ghosts of the dead returned to roam the earth. That brings us to fact number three.

  2. First Costumes.

    The first Halloween costumes were actually Celtics disguised in animal skin and skull masks to avoid being recognized as humans by the roaming ghosts.

  3. Pagan to Catholic

    As Christianity expanded, some measures were taken to aid pagans to convert. Such as deciding that Hallowmas or All Saints’ Day (November 1) and All Souls’ Day (November 2) should assimilate sacred pagan holidays that fell on or around October 31.

  1. The word Halloween

    The word Halloween is a shortening of All Hallows’ Evening also known as Hallowe’en or All Hallows’ Eve.

  2. Full Moon

    Full moons on Halloween are extremely rare. The next full moon won’t occur until 2020. Last full moon was in 2001, and before that, it was in 1955.

  3. Halloween Colours #1

    Orange is associated with fall harvest.

  4. Halloween Colours #2

    Black is associated with darkness and death.

  5. First Halloween movie

    The first Halloween movie was named Halloween. It was shot in 21 days on a tight budget. It was directed by John Carpenter. It’s initial released on October 25, 1978 (USA), generating 70 million dollars. 

  6. Jack O’ lanterns

    Jack O’ lanterns are true to the spirit of Halloween. Its origin come from Stingy Jack, a well-known trickster. Read more about the legend here.

  7. The first Jack O’ Lantern

    The first Jack O’ Lantern were actually made from turnips, later potatoes, and then pumpkins became the symbol of Jack O’ Lantern.

  8. Halloween is popular 

    Sort of. Halloween comes second in commercial popularity after Christmas.

  9. Witches and black cats. 

    The idea of witches and black cats become associated with halloween because of the famous witch hunts during 1450 to 1750.

  10. Fifty years of costumes. 

    In the last fifty years’ costumes have evolved immensely to the point of nearing cinematic quality.

  11. Halloween is also for adults.

    More, and more adults celebrate Halloween, feeling nostalgic from their childhood or wanting to get in the whole being whoever you want for one day feeling. Whatever the reason, adult Halloween parties are immensely popular.

  12. Kids rule!

    Halloween is still primarily a kid’s holiday. And it heavily marketed for children sakes.

  13. Samhainophopia, say what?

    Samhainophopia is an actual fear of Halloween. Scary, right? Which brings us to fact number 18. 

  14. Fear

    Fear is something many parents feel as their kids go from house to house asking for candy. Many fear their children will be given poisoned candies or harmful laced candy or apples. Although, some say these fears are unfounded, (there have been very, very few cases of poisoned candy and razor laced apples, though) parents should be very careful, and keep an eye out.

  15. 99% of all pumpkins are sold as Jack O’ Lanterns.

  16. 50th anniversary.

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie brown special.

  1. One for you, and two… three for me. 

    More than 90% of parents admit to sneak a few pieces of candy from their children’s Halloween bag.

  2. Forever, and ever. 

    More so or less, Halloween candy lasts. Dark and milk chocolate can last up to two years if stored in dry, odor-free spot. Hard candy lasts up to a year.

  1. Millions of millions of pounds. 

    Of candy. American buy roughly 600 million pounds of candy.

  2. Halloween is not all that….

  3. Countries such as France and Australia, seen Halloween as an unwanted, and overly commercial American influence.
  4. Halloween? thats catholic right? Yeah, no. Not in Protestant England. 

    In Protestant England, they did not believe in Catholic saints, which means they didn’t believe in the Hallowmas. So it became associated with Guy Fawkes Night (Declared to be November the fifth). Guy Fawkes was the man who co-conspired to blow up the parliament in 1605 in order to restore a Catholic kingdom.

  1. Chocoholic for the win!

    Most popular halloween treat is chocolate by 68%. 

  2. Halloween. Well heres a card from me. 

    Yep. thats right, halloween card are an actual thing. Halloween ranks as the sixth most popular card giving holiday, according to Hallmark.

  1. Harry Houdini,

    Harry Houdini, world-renown legend for his daring escapes, and favorite magician died on October 31, 1926—from a ruptured appendix

  2. Bonfire

    The word bonfire comes from the pre-Halloween celebration of Samhain, when druids threw bones of cattle into the flames. “Bone fire” became “Bonfire”

  1. Ireland

    Ireland is typically believed to be the birthplace of Halloween. Halloween is actually more Irish than St- Patrick’s.


 Happy Halloween from MontrealSourit ♥



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