Dearest human family, I would like to welcome you to our website. This will be a space of fraternity, of creation and of open discussion between your dreams and mine. From here, we will promote tangible social campaigns that will allow us to work as a team in order to build a better world, where each and every one of us could enjoy a dignified life.

Aiming to share with all of you my immense respect for each manifestation of life, either in a human, animal, vegetal, or cosmic form. I am fundamentally a woman with a humanist heart, who seeks to awaken in our minds and hearts those grand sentiments of love and respect for life, which will reconnect us with the universal essence of our Mother Earth.

Considering myself to be of a calm nature, I also possess a feline character to defend my family and to fight against all types of discrimination. I love to hear people’s thoughts and ideas, especially those coming from the elderly, whom I feel a great deal of respect and thankfulness for all the wisdom they have shared with me. I am extremely tolerant with the philosophies that each individual might hold, and do not discriminate anyone who has a different skin colours, sexual preferences, or political and religious beliefs. Personally, I am a Christ-centric: Jesus resides in the centre of my heart. He is my most faithful friend, my strength in times of weakness, my guide across the different paths of my existence. He is the fuel that moves my body and who inspires me to work for fellow-humans, especially those who are most vulnerable.

As a photographer, I can perceive the presence of God in the face of each human. Each face connects me with the suffering of humankind and with the absurd repercussions of the Barbarian Invasions, the forced displacements, and the physical and emotional tortures. A face through my camera-lens can describe our Africa in chains, the screams made silent of mutilated women, of children sleeping on the streets, of the elderly begging for bread in modern cities, of alienated workers, of miners asphyxiated from coal and misery, of First Nations discriminated against and buried in marginalization and oblivion. Each photo, like a beautiful rainbow, casts my soul with the colours of difference and allows me to show to the world all the beauty from the biodiversity that surrounds us. Welcome!