The Myth, Magic, and Legend of Indigenous Culture 1990-2002

Twelve years of self-financed field work research on the cultural, and ancestral aspects of the 84 Indigenous Groups of Colombia. A photographic database has been gathered during these years, reflecting the essence of the indigenous life, which includes the places where First Nations People live (chozas, malocas, rancherias), the power plants used for medicine and ceremonial rituals, totem animals, ancestral customs, and their fascinating world of myth, magic, and legend.

The most valuable part of this project is having the possibility to make known and visible their culture internationally. I have been working to awaken conscious about the problems they are facing and also collaborating with United Nations since 1994. (UN International Recognition    1994-2004) Photo chosen for the poster promoting the Decade of the Indigenous People.

This project let me show the hidden portraits of the people who look after our world. I had the magnificent chance to capture them in all their glory and share with you their amazing culture.

A photographic sample of this project has been exhibit in many countries around the world like  Africa, France, United States, Panama, Colombia, Geneva, Switzerland and Canada.

The indigenous photographic book, called “Following the Steps of the Myth”, is in the process of being published. Rigoberta Menchu Tum, indigenous Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1992, wrote the prologue.